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  • Forat Production Co. private joint stock is a familyoperated company which was established officially by Haj Ali Channadi the head of Ghannadi's family in 1974.At the present time the company is being run and administered by his sons under his supervision.

  • The iniial motto of the company is '' Customer is Right " and our goal has always been '' Customer Satisfaction '' and higher of products in high standards,and has been for the past 28 years ot it's life.The company has been showing high growth besides acquiring a large share of domestic markets.We has been successful in the area of permanent exporting goods to different coutries and it is our honor to be the first syrup exporter to the neighboring countries.

  • Owing to the initial specialty of Mr.Ali Ghannadi ( the founder of the company ) and the tradition of the family being involved in confectionary and syrup production, the field of activities of this company is production various types of syrup, jellies , jam and fruit juices in Iranian National standard Mark and bearer of first label of National Standard in Syrup field.

  • The personnel of the company are mostly experts in technical and food stuffs industries. There are 56 employees and the officials of production lines already completed different training courses, including HACCP course.


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